Aristovision, the ophthalmic division of Aristopharma Ltd. started operation in 2002 with the commitment to infuse vision into the people and turn the idle hands of the society into working hands. Within just 4 years it conquered the no. 1 position in the ophthalmic market of Bangladesh

The present market share of Aristovision is around 35%. It is the first Bangladeshi company to export its ophthalmic products to a developed country like Hong Kong.

Moreover, Aristovision’s products are exported to Singapore, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Macau, Jamaica, Nigeria, Somalia, Yemen, Cambodia, Maldives, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Ghana & Kenya regularly and many more countries are in pipeline.

In Myanmar, Aristopharma is no. 1 in the ophthalmic market among all local & foreign companies.

A sterile manufacturing environment is key to produce quality ophthalmic products. Aristovision maintains a strict aseptic environment conforming to the WHO cGMP guidelines and other international regulatory requirements. Aristovision is proud to have an international standard sterile manufacturing zone and backup utilities with fully automated machinery.The New Manufacturing Facilities allows it to be closer and quickly respond to its growing eye care products for the healthy vision of patients in Bangladesh.

Salient Features of Aristovision's Products:

  • Largest Ophthalmic Plant:Aristovision has a new state-of-the-art Largest High-Tech dedicated ophthalmic manufacturing plant in Gazipur, Bangladesh. This new facility has a dedicated Production floor for Steroid & Non-Steroid products.
  • Largest Portfolio:Aristovision has the largest range of ophthalmic products among all ophthalmic companies in Bangladesh. We are bringing over 70 products, which covers 10 Therapeutic classesin 07 different dosage formsand leadership positions to expand and diversify our product portfolio.  
  • Manufacturing Facilities: Ophthalmic products are automatically filled, sealed, and labeled, which ensuresthe world-class standard.The facilities include State-of-the-art autoclave facilities,a dedicated Water System of European origin, anddedicated HVAC System, etc. Most importantly it has a state-of-the-art plant for WFI, the injectable grade water since most of the eye formulations require quality of water that can only be made by this type of special & high tech WFI plant of European origin. Aristovision has the facility to manufacture all types of ophthalmic products like Drops, Gel, Ointment, Prefilled Syringe & Capsule for treating Ocular Infections, Inflammation, Dry eye, Glaucoma, Ocular Allergy, Age-related macular degeneration, and other eye diseases and disorders.This high-precision ophthalmic unit makes Aristovision distinctive and enviably proud.
  • Preservative-free &formulationwith Vanishing or Safe preservative: Preservative is an important issue for ensuring safety to eyes. Considering itAristovision has manufactured some of its products as preservatives-free. The majority of the products are manufacturedwith vanishing or Safe preservatives like Sodium Perborate, Sorbic Acid, etc. for the first time in Bangladesh. When applied to the eye, these preservatives quickly break up into inactive ingredients within few seconds,and hence it ensures maximum safety in long-term use.
  • Imported bottles: Aristovision uses high-quality Gamma Irradiation &EtO sterilizedimported bottles and Conforms European Pharmacopoeia compliancefor its eye drops. These bottles are easy to squeeze & ensure uniformity of dosing in each drop.
  • Buffer system & pH:Aristovision’s products are manufactured with an appropriate buffering agent to maintain pH similar to ocular pH and stability of the drug.
  • Osmotic pressure: Aristovision’s ophthalmic products ensure an exact degree of osmotic pressure to minimize stinging, burning sensation, itching which are common in conventional eye drops.


  • Aristovision is actively engaged in theclinical investigations or survey program with the Bangladesh Glaucoma Society a pilot survey of “An Evaluation of Disease Burden and Prevalence of Glaucoma in Bangladesh” around the country.