The last two decades saw an increase in the administration of parenteral drugs by pre-filled syringes. Use of pre-filled syringe increases with the technological development in devices used for administering sophisticated drugs.

Self–filling syringe is not only a slow process but also has the chance of incorrect dosing and spillage. The key benefits of Pre-filled syringes (specialized delivery technology) are:

  • Easy & convenient in use
  • Time savings in emergency situations
  • Dosing accuracy or reduced medication error
  • Increased assurance of sterility
  • Easy storage & disposal
  • Eliminates the chance of vial overfill
  • Reduced chance of cross infection or neddlestick injury

Aristopharma has set up a global standard pre-filled syringe filling facility in its sterile manufacturing zone. The facility is planned and designed with fine tuned future orientation to meet the local as well as international demand.

All latest model machineries of renowned sources have been employed in this set up. The whole process is carried out in aseptic environment and under strict procedures recommended in cGMP guidelines.

Presently Aristopharma is producing enoxaparin pre-filled syringe and some biotech products like Filgrastim, Peginterferon, Fondaparinux etc. are in pipeline which would be manufactured soon.

Aristopharma's pre-filled syringe:

  • Intravas-40 IM/IV injection: Enoxaparin Sodium 40 mg
  • Intravas-60 IM/IV injection: Enoxaparin Sodium 60 mg
  • Intravas-80 IM/IV injection: Enoxaparin Sodium 80 mg
  • Ocugel Eye Solution: Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose 2%
  • Filgen Injectio: Filgrastim 30 MU