Research & Development (R&D)

Aristopharma’s R&D is the synonym of creativity. With the advancement of state-of-the-art pharmaceutical technology, Aristopharma’s R&D regularly practices creativity to invent a healthier tomorrow.It conducts study of new formulation design and develops the designed drug, which supports the valued customers with advanced & latest medicines at affordable prices.

The active participation of Aristopharma’s R&D in the field of pharmaceutical research yields around 20-30 new products every year for the betterment of the healthcare sector of Bangladesh. That is why Aristopharma stands as one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in the country.

Bioequivalence study is done to evaluate whether a drug is similar to the research brand in terms of rate & extent of absorption in the body. It involves the analysis of various pharmacokinetic properties like Cmax, tmax, t1/2, AUC of the products. If these properties of the tested brand are found similar to those of the research brand, the tested brand is called bioequivalent to the research brand, and hence they are considered interchangeable.

Therefore, anyone taking Omep will get all the benefits of the higher priced research brand. The detail of the study was published in the April 2009 issue of the German medical journal Arzneimittelforchung (Drug Research).

In 2009 Aristopharma conducted bioequivalence study on its Trimetazidine brand, Metacard MR Tablet under the same Professor in University of Dhaka. The company also conducted bioequivalence study for its Lodipin-5 (Amlodipine) Tablet, AZ (Azithromycin) Suspension & Capsule and Aropen (Meropenem) Injection. These bioequivalence reports have already been accepted by the regulatory bodies of several countries and thus are helping in our export.